Are you looking for a survey related to the 2021 National Church Life Survey?

To start you will need a Church Code from your local church and then select the right survey for you.

Thank you for taking part.

The NCLS Research Team


The Attender Survey is to be completed by all church attenders aged 15 years and over.


The Child Survey is for child attenders aged 8 to 14 years. It was optional for churches.


The Church Census is to be completed by one person, such as a church administrator or senior leader. 


For people in the local community who are connected to a church but don’t regularly attend.


For senior local church leaders or those in a significant position of local ministry plus those in other ministries.


The NCLS Admin Key is for church survey coordinators to administer the survey and view progress and results.

About the Church Life Survey

The survey is designed to listen to the views of your attenders to provide a picture of your church's health and vitality.  The results will help you identify your strengths and provide processes to help you evaluate. make decisions and connect effectively with your community.